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The Lewes Production

Cast List:

Robin Catesby
Anne Vaux
Guy Fawkes
Father Henry Garnet
Robert Cecil
King James I
Jane Finwood
Nicholas Owen
Tom Wintour
Lady Elizabeth Monteagle
Lord William Monteagle
Susan Whynniard
Francis Tresham

Played by:
Tim Crouch
Lucy Freeman
Adrian Samuel
Ian Hollamby
Christopher Peck
Dino Bishop
Helen Thomas
Neil Horstcraft
Anthony Chalmers
Sandra Tomlinson
Matthew Stubbs
Emma Thomas
Ric Newth


Charlie Crouch, Jean Freeman
Gill Garratt, David Hackett
Louise Hackett, Bill Haniver
Cris Haniver, Nick Hazle
Greg Kaye, Liz Kaye
David Middleton
Jacqueline Nisbett, Adam Rice
Amy Reynolds, Caz Streeter
Nick Streeter, Jake Thorpe
Joseph Thorpe, Will Timblin
David Tobitt, Ray Turley

Directed by Andy Freeman.

Musical Director Ian White.

Assistant Director & Choreographer Collette Goodwin.

Production photographs copyright 2008 Keith Hunt
Production video copyright © 2008 Play it Forward

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